The Gift For Life® Equine

The Gift For Life® is recommended by Veterinarians for youthful energy, joint pain recovery, defense against disease and longer healthier life.

The Gift For Life® is human grade and contains 18 amino acids and 21 naturally occurring growth factors. This is an exclusive formula made for your pets. Find out more about the science behind The Gift For Life®.

Fast acting formulas to:

  • Support hormone imbalance

  • Youthful energy levels

  • Increase strength

  • Amazing joint pain relief

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The Gift For Life® is Made in the USA and manufactured in a FDA registered facility under the strictest quality standards.

Over a longer period of time your pet may see:

  • A loss in body fat

  • Increase in bone density

  • Hormonal balance

  • Beautiful healthy coat

  • Reduction in anxiety

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The Gift for Life® Equine ingredients include: Isotide™ Complex, Natural Growth Factors TGF-B, TNF-A, TNF-B, CTGF, EGF, NGF, FGF, GF-1, GF-2, GHK-Cu, and Alfalfa Extract Powder.

A New Science in Cellular Recovery and Longevity in all Pets.

We live in a new millennium where we see technological advances accelerating far beyond the human capacity to understand them. Yet, human and animal death rates are largely secondary to chronic degenerative diseases.


While most formulations that are developed and manufactured by Veterinarians concentrate on ‘repetitive’ vitamin, mineral, amino acid and fatty acid replacements, we have taken another look at nutritional recovery, wellness and healthy longevity.


The Gift For Life® has focused on an animal’s rejuvenation recovery as a “Complete Cellular Modulation.” We have directed our formulation development through scientific study, research and continuous clinical response observations with our advanced Peptide technology.


By understanding the processes involved with human and animal Nutri-Genomic mechanisms and their requirements to maintain the balance and stability between health and disease, we have effectively developed The Gift For Life®

Our exclusive formulation is FAST ACTING and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.

Our proven PEPTIDE SCIENCE is far beyond Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Green Mussels, Vitamin E and Turmeric supplements.

Find out more about the science behind The Gift For Life®.

The Gift For Life® Equine was formulated to the specific needs of horses to aid in energy, joint health, recovery and the growth of strong hooves and a healthy coat.

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Sydney Wollett, NBHA Rider

Kim Hall, Amateur Equestrian

Jason Bacon, Rancher

Neiko (The Gift For Life® Champion)