Equine Performance™ Success Stories

Our Equine Success Stories

“Super proud of Neiko and how hard he worked this weekend, he ran six events and his runs stayed consistent all weekend, only adding a tenth of a second from friday night when we ran in the same arena! And he brought home two checks last night, and won money at every event this weekend!!

Neiko wouldn’t have made it through the weekend without Equine Performance and the unbelievable recovery time it causes!”

– Sydney Wollett, NBHA Rider

“Lean muscle, Faster recovery, speedy healing and healthy hoof growth are all part of the experience I have had with Equine Performance. It’s really works!

There is nothing more exciting than seeing a horse have that sparkle back in their eyes from these life giving peptides. Thank you Equine Performance.”

– Kim Hall, Amateur Equestrian

“I have a mare in her late 20s and was about to put her down. She just looked really pitiful, lost all her hair and was skin and bones. I tried everything to save her: feeds, vets, supplements and alfalfa.

Started her on Equine Performance and she grew out the best coat of hair she’s had in years. Her head started raising up in the pasture every time she saw me come trotting to the fence. She is a totally different horse.”

– Jason Bacon, Rancher

Please feel free to reach out to our team at info@thegiftforlife.com if you have questions on Equine Performance™.