The Viral Shield

The Role Of Peptides In The Fight Against Disease

Given the significance of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis,  Genostim Performance Labs (Genostim® & The Gift For Life®) created this page to share the research we have known for years that support the benefit of peptides in a body’s fight against bacterial, fungal and viral diseases.

Certain peptide chains that are included in The Gift For Life® products have antimicrobial properties against various viruses and bacteria that can infect humans and animals. It is our highest priority to promote wellness through our products and share the data that we have acquired which supports peptides role as a Viral Shield.

Through ongoing research, we plan to further understand how the natural Cationic Host Defense Peptides (CHDP) included in The Gift For Life® products may enhance a pets ability to fight off disease.

Below we have linked three recent publications in the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM) that cover what Cationic Host Defense Peptides (CHDP, also known as antimicrobial peptides) are, where they are found in nature, and the antimicrobial and antiviral effects they possess.

Peptide Therapeutics

There is huge potential in peptide therapeutics for the frontline treatment of emerging infections including the Influenza Virus and other Category A pathogens and emerging infections. We will continue to develop our products as new research becomes available.

Genostim® and The Gift for Life® are branded supplements containing the revolutionary, Hexatide™ Peptide extract complex with 18 Amino Acids and 21 Naturally occurring Growth Factors.

Genostim® and The Gift for Life® support health and longevity by assisting the immune system through the enhancement of cell-to-cell communication and by signaling immune cells for their vital functions, anti-oxidative (free radical scavenging), and anti-inflammatory actions.

The source of these positive actions are our non-synthetic, Hexatide™ peptide/growth factor complex. This Hexatide™ peptide/growth factor complex is the purest form of amino acids and are used in Genostim® and The Gift for Life® to support a:

6 x increase in Cation (free radical scavenger) when compared to Glutathione (one of the most potent anti-oxidative compounds known)

7 x increase Anion (free radical scavenger) when compared to Glutathione

11 x increase in Hydroxyl Ions (free radical scavenger) when compared to L-Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)

The Hexatide™ peptide/growth factor complex maintains a balanced mitochondrial energy transfer (the underpinning of most chronic conditions) and mitigation of inflammation. Furthermore, the Hexatide™ peptide/growth factor complex brings beings closer to an optimal homeostasis in the HPAA endocrine system by supporting advanced Cationic Host-Defense Peptides, CHDP.

CHDP (also known as antimicrobial peptides) is an important component of a host’s defense against infection. Our peptides have properties with the capacity to modulate inflammation and immunity. CHDP is crucial for establishing  your pet’s host defense peptide viral shield.

If you have any questions on our products or the research noted on this page or website, please reach out to us at info @ You can also CLICK HERE to view the science behind our peptide products.