Dr. Danny Cox

The Gift For Life® Vet, Dr. Danny Cox

My name is Dr. Danny R. Cox. I am a Veterinarian in Frisco, Texas and have owned and operated several small animal veterinary hospitals in the North Dallas area for over 34 years. I currently have The Pet Vet, a full service hospital, open 7 days per week, located in Frisco and The Shot Spot mobile wellness clinics that travel to several North Texas locations every week Thursday thru Sunday. Our practices include traditional medicine and surgical procedures as well as new cutting edge treatment modalities for common pet health conditions.

I  endorse The Gift For Life® products for both my dog and cat patients and recommend it on a daily basis for many of my patients. These products are especially effective in slowing down common aging effects such as joint disease, skin and hair coat issues, wound healing and cellular destruction, immune issues and bone disease in our patients.

I first became interested in The Gift For Life as it benefits relate to a common concern we have regarding pets who have been spayed and neutered. It is a well-documented fact that pets who have been surgically altered via traditional castration and ovariohysterectomy show higher incidences of bone cancers, vascular cancers, prostate cancer and disease, joint injuries and disease, obesity, skin and hair coat issues, chronic infections, diabetes and many other endocrine-related diseases seen as pets age.

As a result of this scientifically proven evidence, over 4 years ago I began a program of non-surgical neutering male dogs using a naturally occurring Zinc solution called Zeuterin to sterilize male dogs and leave 50 % of their functioning endocrine (testosterone producing testicular cells) system intact. Studies have shown that this procedure works to help control these previously mentioned conditions and it is virtually pain-free, safer with no anesthetic risk, no downtime and less expensive than traditional castration.

At the same time, we began to offer ovary-sparing spays to combat the same negative consequences of traditional spays (ovariohysterectomy) as well. As a result of our commitment to the long-term health benefits of these procedures to our patients, we feel we are making a gigantic difference in the longevity and quality of life for these patients using scientific evidence to support our program at The Pet Vet and The Shot Spot while combating the serious pet overpopulation issues throughout our country.

Therefore, with the realization that in many cases along with the difficulty to change pet owner’s attitudes as well as those of many Veterinarians toward the negativity of traditional pet neutering and spaying, we needed a product to offer the those who are showing up a little late to the dance! This is where The Gift For Life® steps up to the plate and offers an opportunity for these patients to experience a longer life with healthier benefits of a naturally stimulated and homeostatic endocrine system that we unfortunately altered with surgical manipulation.

Yes, these products and procedures provide a pathway to a healthier, longer and more productive quality of life!

Please visit my websites at www.thepetvet.com and www.theshotspot.org. The Gift For Life® products and the procedures described above are available on The Shot Spot trucks and at The Pet Vet Hospital.

Dr. Danny Cox