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Dr. Danny Cox introduces The Gift For Life®

THE GIFT FOR LIFE has tremendous abilities to act on a molecular level and is the future of animal longevity.

The Gift For Life® builds a bond for receptors and signals the adrenal functions to produce hormone communication to various cells, muscle tissues, and organs within the pet’s body. The peptides are transported through the bloodstream to their specific receptor sites to achieve their bio-stimulant effect. This is the essence of our product.


The Gift For Life® fights progressive canine, feline and equine aging/disease by using a cell-by-cell recovery process. This supports a true anti-aging affect by stimulation of hormone balance and growth factors.

These growth factors include:


  • TGF-B (Transforming Growth Factor-Beta) – peptides that promote healing of wounds and are anti-inflammatory.

  • TNF-A, TNF-B (Tumor Necrosis Factors Alpha and Beta) – peptides that increase cellular responsiveness to growth factors and induce signaling pathways that leads to cellular proliferation.

  • CTGF (Connective Tissue Growth Factors) – peptides that promote collagen accumulation in the body.

  • EGF (Epidermal Growth Factors) – polypeptides that promote skin tissue growth and development, and speed the healing of wounds.

  • NGF (Nerve Growth Factors) – peptides that promote neural cell survival.

  • FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factors) – peptides that are essential to the development of the skeletal and nervous systems.

  • GF-1, GF-2 (Insulin-like Growth Factors 1, 2) – A family of Growth Factors that plays an important role in growth and development and mediates many of the growth-promoting effects essential to liver, kidney and brain function. 

  • Cationic Host Defense Peptides (CHDP’s) – peptides providing broad-spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal immunomodulatory activity to boost your pet’s VIRAL SHIELD

The Gift For Life® formula is a fast acting, highly effective pet supplement that contains natural growth factors, oligopeptides, amino-acids, and small amounts of iron, copper, selenium, and zinc.

PEPTIDES are short chain amino acids linked by peptide bonds. The peptides utilized in The Gift For Life® contain naturally occurring growth factors (see below) which function to create life-giving hormonal support, provide cellular rejuvenation, and give a longer life to our pets.

As a result of consistent use, the following observations have been seen:

  • Increased lean muscle mass and strength

  • Reduced depression and anxiety

  • Decreased joint pain/weakness/arthritis

  • Less recovery time from exercise and stress

  • Thicker and shinier coats

  • Increased ability to focus

  • Amazing energy

  • Improved sleep quality

  • Increased DHEA and DHEAS levels

  • Normalized aldosterone and cortisol levels

  • Calmness in spirit from balanced hormone levels

The Gift For Life® formula contains all-natural ingredients designed to enhance your pet’s health and longevity. It contains vital nutrients to support production of cortisol and insulin with physiologically optimal amounts, which could naturally help healing of neutered/spayed or aging pets.

How does our Peptide Hexatide technology work?

The Peptide Hexatide™ extracts contain naturally occurring growth factors. These growth factors are not to be confused with growth hormones.  Peptides help stimulate the division of mature cells and significantly help decrease the mortality of older cells. 

Peptide Hexatides™ (essential amino and short amino acid chains) assist the body in normalizing cellular processes by activating the Fibroblast growth factor receptors.

When this occurs, healing is accelerated and a variety of cellular processes are normalized/stabilized. The most important target organs are the adrenal glands due to their production of vital hormones. Our Peptide Hexatide™ technology increases your pet’s resistance to stresses such as trauma, anxiety, and bodily fatigue.

Pinocytosis [pin″o-si-to´sis]


A mechanism by which cells ingest extracellular fluid and its contents; it involves the formation of invaginations by the cell membrane, which close and break off to form fluid-filled vacuoles in the cytoplasm (see accompanying illustration). adj., adj pinocytot´ic.


Due to its mechanism of action (regulation by the growth factors in a Paracrine manner of adrenal cortex activity), the growth factors from The Gift For Life® Peptides helps to modify the equilibrium of all the hormones secreted by the adrenal glands.

Paracrine /para·crine/ (par´ah-krin)


1) Denoting a type of hormone function in which the hormone synthesized in and released from endocrine cells binds to its receptor in nearby cells and affects their function.


2) Denoting the secretion of a hormone by an organ other than an endocrine gland.


The Gift For Life® helps bring balance to the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. This assists the entire endocrine system in achieving homeostasis and efficient operation. The endocrine system then secretes hormones at optimum levels resulting in improved cellular signaling.Improved cellular signaling results in cellular rejuvenation and ultimately translates to optimal health longevity and restoration of youthful vitality to the body.

In short, the amazing multi-signaling components built into The Gift For Life® allows the adrenal functions to produce positive hormone communication to various organs and cells within your pet’s body.

The natural agents of The Gift For Life® formula help support production of cortisol and insulin with physiologically optimal amounts, which could naturally help healing of neutered/spayed or aging pets.

Below are case studies from Dr. Gippa where The Gift For Life® formula was provided to pets with different issues.


“Among the above-mentioned beneficial effects of The Gift For Life® formula, personally I was most interested in cases where a disease is a result of hormone imbalance. As you know, the alternatives are scarce or very expensive in the treatment of hormonal imbalances in pets.” – Dr. Gippa, Veterinarian

Diabetes Mellitus


Patient No. 1: 4-year-old female Poodle. In this fortunate situation, diabetes was diagnosed early, no major complications were present, and the blood sugar level was not excessively high either (12 mmol/l). We started giving her the Eukanuba weight diabetic control feed, and the natural growth factors supplement (2×50 mg). The blood sugar level was normalized within a few days and remained unchanged for the next four weeks.


Patient No. 2: 6-year-old male, mixed breed, who has been suffering from diabetes for a longer period and has been given insulin twice a day. After two weeks of taking the natural growth factors supplement (2×50 mg), the insulin could be reduced to half, after four weeks to one quarter of the original amount. It has been six weeks of treatment now, and the dog is not being given insulin at all.


Patient No. 3: 10-year-old female Rottweiler, who has been receiving insulin-therapy for a while, and there was no improvement in her condition even after spaying. She has been taking the natural growth factors formula (2×150 mg) for the past six weeks, and we only need to give half of the original daily dose of insulin now. We achieved this result around the 4th week of treatment, but our attempts to reduce this amount any further have been in vain so far: if we gave a dose smaller than half of the original, the blood sugar level invariably bounced back up too high.

Diabetes Insipidus


Patient No. 1: 8-year-old male Fox Terrier, who has been suffering from this type of diabetes for a longer period of time and has been given Minarine (desmopressin). He has been taking the natural growth factors formula (2×50 mg) for four weeks, and at this point he only needs one quarter of the original Minarine dose to show no symptoms, that is, he does not drink and urinate excessively.


Patient No. 2: 9-year-old Dachshund mix. This is a recent case, he has been taking the natural growth factors formula (2×50 mg) since the onset, for 6 weeks. He drinks significantly less water and he does not have urinary incontinence problems anymore, but he is not asymptomatic yet.

Cushing’s Disease


Patient No. 1: 10-year-old female Dachshund. In her case, the disease has been diagnosed some time ago, she has been taking Nizoral pills (Ketoconazole) to reduce the symptoms and has been fed Eukanuba Light feed to lose the excess weight. At this point, she has been taking natural growth factors formula (2×50 mg) for six weeks, she is not on Nizoral anymore, but we are continuing with the lower calorie diet. Right now, her water intake and urination are normal, she has lost a considerable amount of weight, and we observed a significant improvement in her fur and skin condition.


Patient No. 2: 11-year-old male, mixed breed. He is a recent case; he has been taking Vectoral pills and the natural growth factors formula (2×50 mg) since the onset of the disease that is for four weeks. By the end of the fourth week, he only needs a quarter of the Vectoral amount to make it through the night without having to be taken outside to urinate. The owner cannot afford to put him on a special feed, so all we could do to change his diet was that they limit the amount of food intake at home and improve the quality of that food as much as they can.


Patient No. 3: 7-year-old female, West High Terrier. She has been suffering from constant eczema issues and was undergoing Prednisolone therapy coming from a different clinic. She has just recently come to us for treatment. The Cushing’s disease was a result of the continuous doses of glucocorticoid, and she was showing the classical symptoms. As the first step, we ran allergy tests which revealed nutritional problems. We changed her diet to the Eukanuba Dermatosis feed, and ever since the onset of the disease three weeks ago, she has been taking the natural growth factors formula (2×50 mg). We stopped giving her Prednisolone altogether, but in the beginning of our treatment program we used skin soothing shampoo and antihistamine to reduce itching. As far as water-intake and urination, her condition has improved, but she is not asymptomatic yet, her weight remained unchanged. There has been a visible improvement, however, in her fur and skin condition already.



Patient No. 1: 10-year-old female Boxer. When she came to my clinic, she was considerably underweight, and showed symptoms of alopecia, hyper pigmentation, and shedding. The results of the blood test suggested hypothyroidism. We also detected mammary tumor and cystic transformation of the ovaries. We performed the necessary surgeries (ovary hysterectomy, removal of tumor mammary tissue), changed her diet to Eukanuba Senior, and started her on the natural growth factors formula (2×150 mg). After four weeks of treatment, her condition was significantly better, the shedding ceased, and there was a substantial improvement in her overall well-being.

Idiopathic Colitis


Patient No. 1: 7-year-old Cane Corso. He came in with constant diarrhea and was in a very bad shape. Based on various laboratory examinations, idiopathic colitis was diagnosed.
At this point, his treatment regimen is determined as follows: Salazopyrin pills, Eukanuba Intestinal feed, and natural growth factors formula (2×150 mg, twice the normal dose). After four weeks of treatment, the consistency of the feces is better, and although the complete resolution to solid stool has not occurred yet, his condition visibly improved, his fur is becoming shinier, and he is happier and more playful than four weeks ago.

Other Cases


In 10 cases, we gave the formula to dogs who were recovering from surgery, or who were in weak condition after an illness, and older dogs in poor physical condition. After 24-48 hours, there was a noticeable improvement in their mood and appetite. Their condition generally improved within two weeks, and the older dogs regained their youthful energy.


In 10 cases we treated dogs suffering from skin problems. While addressing the underlying causes, we also put the dogs on the natural growth factors formula. In two weeks, after successful treatment of the underlying causes, generally their fur and skin condition also considerably improved.


In 10 cases we gave the formula to dogs with locomotive disorder. For various reasons, surgery was not an option for them, only symptomatic treatment was possible (i.e.: hip and elbow dysplasia, other arthritic conditions, etc.). Beyond pain relief, we gave them the natural growth factors formula instead of mussel extract. As a general conclusion, we can say that this treatment reduced the locomotor symptoms substantially better than previously used regimens. In four cases, we could stop giving pain relief pills after two weeks, they only take the natural growth factors formula now.


In two cases we gave the formula to dogs with persistent, recurring panosteitis. In addition to and following the usual treatment (antibiotics and non-steroids), continuous administration of the formula successfully prevented recurrence of the disease.

“To summarize the above, I am confident that the natural growth factors formula considerably improves the medical conditions stated in the indications. In the treatment of hormonal imbalance, this formula fills a prominent gap: in a lot of cases, we lack alternatives. I am happy to recommend this product, because I believe it will be a useful formula in the everyday practice of numerous colleagues, not only as a supplement, but also in helping to address the underlying causes. The planned consumer price is very reasonable even for our not-so-wealthy clients, and that is something to consider in today’s world.” – Dr. Gippa, Veterinarian

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