Equine Performance™


Equine Performance™ by Peptide Living Labs is the pinnacle of organic peptide supplementation for equine health and longevity. Specially crafted for horses of all breeds, our fast-acting and highly effective blend of pure organic alfalfa extract powder and Isotide™ peptide complex, provides comprehensive daily support by fostering lean muscle development, joint and ligament fortification, amplified energy levels, and increased hoof and coat health.

Rely on Equine Performance™ for unparalleled assistance in maximizing your horse’s strength, speed, recovery, and health. Proudly sourced and manufactured in Texas by Texans. Adult horses provide 1 scoop, twice daily. Each tub contains 60 scoops.


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Experience the clean, organic, difference that Equine Performance™ can make in your horse‘s life!

Join the ranks of champions who have unlocked their full potential with Equine Performance™ and its advanced organic Isotide™ peptide and alfalfa formula that is free of ingredients currently included on the FEI Clean Sport Prohibited Substances Database.

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At the heart of Equine Performance™ lies a sophisticated blend of premium ingredients:

  • Isotide™ Peptides: Developed by Peptide Living Labs™ –  Isotide™ peptides are the cornerstone of Equine Performance™. This international award-winning peptide consists of short-chain amino acids linked by peptide bonds, designed to unlock cellular vitality and promote horse longevity. Isotide™ peptides support hormonal regulation, cellular rejuvenation, and tissue repair processes, ensuring your horse can perform at their peak daily.
  • Organic Alfalfa Extract – Nature’s nutritional treasure, alfalfa provides a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients essential for equine health. From promoting strong bones and healthy muscle function to supporting digestive health and immune function, our organic alfalfa extract offers many benefits that contribute to your horse’s overall well-being and performance.
  • Essential Amino Acids – The building blocks of performance, essential amino acids play crucial roles in muscle development, metabolic function, and immune support. Equine Performance™ delivers a comprehensive blend of essential amino acids, ensuring your horse receives optimal nutrition to fuel their athletic endeavors and maintain overall health.

What does this mean for your horse? With Equine Performance™, you can expect:

  • Enhanced Strength – The synergistic blend of Isotide™ peptides and essential amino acids promotes muscle development, strength, and endurance, enabling your horse to perform at their best.
  • Increased Speed – By supporting cellular rejuvenation and tissue repair processes, Equine Performance™ enhances recovery times, allowing your horse to bounce back faster and push the limits of their speed and agility.
  • Accelerated Recovery – Whether recovering from intense training sessions or injury, Equine Performance™ supports faster healing and tissue regeneration, minimizing downtime and ensuring your horse can get back to doing what they love sooner.
  • Optimal Health – With its comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, Equine Performance™ promotes overall health and well-being, helping your horse thrive inside and out.

The naturally occurring growth factors included Equine Performance™

Read what our riders and owners are saying about Equine Performance™

“Super proud of Neiko and how hard he worked this weekend, he ran six events and his runs stayed consistent all weekend, only adding a tenth of a second from friday night when we ran in the same arena! And he brought home two checks last night, and won money at every event this weekend! Neiko wouldn’t have made it through the weekend without Equine Performance and the unbelievable recovery time it causes!”

– Sydney Wollett, NBHA Rider

“Lean muscle, Faster recovery, speedy healing and healthy hoof growth are all part of the experience I have had with Equine Performance. It’s really works! There is nothing more exciting than seeing a horse have that sparkle back in their eyes from these life giving peptides. Thank you Equine Performance.”

– Kim Hall, Amateur Equestrian

“I have a mare in her late 20s and was about to put her down. She just looked really pitiful, lost all her hair and was skin and bones. I tried everything to save her: feeds, vets, and supplements. Started her on Equine Performance and she grew out the best coat of hair she’s had in years. Her head started raising up in the pasture every time she saw me come trotting to the fence. She is a totally different horse.”

– Jason Bacon, Rancher

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