The Gift For Life® Testimonials

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Bo is a 12-year-old black lab. “Bo” worked as a drug interdiction dog for the city of Sachse Police Department. When he was retired from service, he was given to me because I was his trainer and handler. Bo was in good health up until about 6 or 7 months ago when I noticed he was having problem with his left hip. Bo was taken to the veterinary where he was given a steroid shot that help for a short period of time. Another K-9 officer told me about a new product called The Gift for Life and how well it worked on her dog. I tried it on “Bo” and in 4 to 5 days I could see a difference in the way Bo waswalking and wagging his tail. This product definitely works!

Ronnie Davis

Carlo is a 12-year-old German Shepherd. He was a Police K-9 who faithfully served for 9 years. He was the Top Dog in 2005. Carlo is what I call a circle dancer. He likes to spin in circles when he gets excited. He had gotten to a point that he could no longer spin. Three days after I started him on The Gift For Life he was spinning in circles again. Carlo would have most likely had to retire a lot earlier had it not been for The Gift For Life. The Gift increased his energy level and his overall well-being. I literally watched the sparkle return to his eyes.

Officer B.J. Martin

One day while visiting with a friend of mine, we began talking about our dogs. I told him about my 14-year old Doberman, Ax, and how his hips have been really beginning to bother him. My friend then told me about “The Gift For Life” and how much it has helped his Dog. I began giving Ax “The Gift” immediately. Within one week, I began noticing a difference in Ax’s energy level. Within two weeks, I could tell that his hips weren’t hurting because he was getting up without difficulty. I know that keeping him on “The Gift For Life” will not only help regenerate the overall health of his hips but will keep him around for a few years past the norm.

Greg Johnson

Max is a very special 10.5 year old Boxer. We got him from Boxer rescue 9.5 years ago. He was a train wreck; he had been abused physically and emotionally. Trust was a big issue for him and once he knew that we loved him, he became the most loyal dog. I decided to rescue Max because he loved my youngest daughter. He was terrified of adults, especially men, but he loved kids. To this day, he still plays hide and seek with my now, 16 year old daughter Renee. And Max is really good at that game!

When Max was five years old, he developed osteoarthritis in his back knees. I took him to hydrotherapy, put him on supplements, and tried many things to help him. Everything helped a little. Max was still a candidate for a cart, which scared me. I started Max on the Gift for Life at the end of May 2010. Every day when Max woke up, he used to get up, stretch and then hobble over to me to say good morning. He was so brave and so strong to be in so much pain and still be happy. For 9 years, he has been terrified of new people; afraid they might hurt him. At work, I have to stand behind him when he drinks water so that he feels safe, so that he can put down his guard to drink and I will watch his back.

Every day Max races his sister Boxer to the horse barn. He has started doing laps around the property because he feels really good. Before, if he over exerted himself, he could not walk up the stairs at night because he was in so much pain. Now, even if he does his crazy laps around the property, he can still climb the stairs to get to his bed at night.

Max is a gorgeous reverse brindle with large kind eyes. Since being on the Gift for Life, he does not hobble anymore when he gets up. He is also much more mentally well at work. Employees have been commenting that Max will walk up to them now to greet them. This is a big deal; he feels better physically and mentally. The Gift For Life has helped Max feel better both physically and mentally. It is truly amazing! Thank you for the The Gift of Life!

Jennifer and Tory

I have a 21 year old Lilac Point Siamese name Terra. At this age, Terra was showing some aging. Just in the last year, it was hard for her to jump on bed/couch. When you pet her on the lower part of her body, she would meow with pain. She barely has energy and sleeps all the time.

A friend had told me about The Gift For Life made for Canines. She said it did miracles for her dog in such a short period of time. I know it’s made for Canines, but I was so desperate to try anything to get Terra to feel better. I opened the bottle of The Gift and thinking how I was going to give her this pill??? Terra is so finicky about her food. I put half a pill in front of her and she ate it up. She loves it!

I couldn’t believe after just a few days on The Gift, she’s jumping on the bed/couch again! She is more alert and has a lot more energy. She doesn’t seem like she’s in pain anymore at all. The Gift For Life has truly changed Terra’s Life for the better!


We own a 12 year old Shitzu named Baylee. For the last 8 years we have struggled with his persistent skin condition. He has been to 4 different veterinarians over the years. He has been diagnosed with everything ranging from skin allergies to Psoriasis. We have literally spent thousands of dollars trying to get his skin condition under control, yet none of the remedies have worked. We have invested in special foods, special shampoos, allergy shots, and a wide variety of pills and powders, none of which gave any lasting results.

Recently, we were introduced to a new product called, “The Gift.” Baylee has been a new dog since trying the product. The first thing we noticed was his demeanor. Baylee would not play and was always lethargic before The Gift. In addition, his skin improved dramatically. He no longer has scabs on his skin and his itchiness has improved as well. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a pet that suffers from any ailments especially with skin problems.

The Mack Family

I just got back from the vet. Spanky has his usual springtime yeast fest and they do a much better job of giving him a medicated bath than I do. So off we went (with Spanks being a not too happy camper). This morning I did not see my vet as she was doing surgery. She is one of 2 vets in the practice I really like. She has been following Spanky for a few years now.

About 3 months ago we decided to let Spanky’s chronic ear infection stay untreated for a number of reasons not the least of which was that the only medicine that it was sensitive to (Vicetin) can cause aplastic anemia in humans if the coating is punctured. He would have had to have a large pill of it three times a day. Considering I already have a chronic idopathic anemia and will need meds for it for the rest of my life and that Spanky does not like peanut butter, cheese, real butter, or any other stuff that it easy to hide pills in. I would have had to pill him three times a day for at least a month on and a month off. (It had previously been determined that pulsing was the only way to keep on top of this). Since he has had this for most of the time since we rescued him 6 years ago we decided that it will just be a fact of his life and he will get relief from my thoroughly cleaning it every day (which he really likes). Pilling him can easily result in my being bitten. He cannot help himself. So we decided to just let it rest. He most likely had it for most of his life so what was will just be. Sometimes you have to know when to quit.

He also had a very sparse coat (notice the tense there). Because he is 15 and super arthritic he walks around like “Bambi on ice” because he has close to no cartilage left on his shoulders and hips. He therefore gets little to no exercise. Because of physical problems that both Larry and I have we cannot swim him in our whirlpool on any kind of regular basis giving him the physical therapy he so sorely needs. He will bite anyone else who would try (and would probably bite us as well but we proudly display our Spanky scars knowing they came from our being willing to do what was necessary for him even if he didn’t like it).

He also has IBD and lots of other things. This boy who, when he is feeling well, is super sweet is not at all sweet when he doesn’t feel well. He had a troubled past before we rescued him so we always remember that when he might act in a way we cannot understand. He has things he would tell us if he could be although he might understand English; neither of us speak “bark”.

After his medicated bath today we go to see the vet because when Spanky’s skin gets this orangy waxy goop a shot of an antibiotic called Convenia works miracles. The waxy goop had started again.

The vet picks him up and gives him a kiss. She looks in his ear and quickly looks up at me and asks me what I have been doing differently. I shrug. (Keeping the good for later). His once absent ear drum, which had, about a year ago, regrown a small crescent is now way more present that it was just 2 months ago. It seems to have started to regrow again.

Then she says she wants to weigh him. She says he feels denser or something to that effect. He weighed in at 19.5 lbs – exactly what he had been weighing in at for almost a year. It seems his muscle tone is greatly improved (!!) so he had to have lost some fat and gained muscle. (He was not fat to start with – or maybe he could have lost a quarter to a half a pound. Not too bad for an old man.)

And his coat. She was raving about his coat. It is lush and shiny and just wonderful looking. This little old guy who has more warts than we both have fingers and toes combined hides them well with his lush coat. His coat used to be so sparse in places that you could see his skin right through it.

So she looks at me slowly and intently and asks me what I am doing differently. And I spill about The Gift. She is wide eyed. I tell her how he is sleeping less during the day probably because his sleep at night is deeper and more restful. I tell her that his tail, which had not been up in almost a year is now up more often than not and wagging a good deal of the time. I tell her how he lopes across the front lawn all smiles on board. (He is not “Bambi on ice” when there is traction).

She is going to Whole Foods after work today to buy a bottle for her older lab who she thinks needs this immediately. I told her it was beef and rice flavored. She said he did not do well with beef but she was going to try it anyway.

Another convert? Who knows. I just know that I am glad I did not give up hope when, after a month I saw little to no change in Spanky. It took a good 6 weeks and you’re telling me to up the dosage to three pills daily (or maybe it was the upped dosage that did it right away). Anyway, I knew you would want to know.

Kathie – Long Island, NY

I was very lucky to get Samantha. She was a great puppy and became the best companion I could ask for! The first time entering her in an event at two years old, she won a trophy for retrieving. Since we only worked for one day on this, I was very proud of her! When she was three, I noticed her ears were turning gray and her energy level was not where it should have been.

Working in the fitness and health field, I made sure she got plenty of exercise and the best food available, but she lost interest in everything and wanted to sleep all of the time. Her health continued to decline and her hair was falling out at an alarming rate. I knew we had a more serious problem. After a blood test, I learned she had hypothyroid disease, so we began daily medication. With hoped this would bring her back to her youthful appearance and vitality, however, there was no change and then it was obvious the damage was already done. We were maintaining health, but not cellular rejuvenation and vitality for a dog of her age.

After one week using “The Gift For Life,” Samantha started to make changes with her energy and focus. After two weeks, her coat began growing at an unbelievable rate, plus the texture was very soft to the touch. After work or play, Samantha would jump up and be ready to go. She lost body fat and gained lean muscle mass. She began to lead when we ran together on a daily basis. She was calmer and focused. Samantha will always get “The Gift For Life” everyday. There is no doubt that “The Gift For Life” has changed her life and mine.


This is a picture of my two golden retrievers Rhett and Hank. They are both 10 years old and have just received their summer haircuts. Last month I came home from work to find Hank lying on the ground trembling in pain. I have no idea what he did to hurt himself but somehow he had injured his right leg.

I started giving him The Gift For Life, three times a day for one week. By the second day he was up but still limping and in pain. Third day much improved but still limping. By the end of the week he and Rhett were chasing each other around the yard. This product has improved both of my dogs. They are more alert, and are now playing like puppies again. Thank you!

Jane Bradshaw

Our sweet little Sara was welcomed into our home when she was only 12 days old. At that time, we owned 3 Boston Terriers; Kayle, Rowdy and Zak. Kayle being the alpha female took charge immediately, playing with and loving Sara just as though she were her own. The boys just wanted to play rough and tough all the time.

March 2004, we lost our Kayle to cancer. February 2005, Rowdy and Zak lost their lives during a horrible house fire. Fortunately, firefighters were able to save Sara’s life through resuscitation. After that, she went into deep depression. She lost her appetite, began losing weight and became very lethargic. Her personality totally changed. We really thought she was going to mourn herself to death. Our prayers were answered when a friend introduced Sara to the The Gift For Life.

After a couple of days her energy tripled, she was more alert and playful. Her appetite increased so much; she tries to sneak food from our plates. We knew she was going to be okay when she came running through the doggie door after ‘doing her business,’ then proceeded to do the moon walk a foot and a half backwards. Thank you so much for giving our Sara back.

The Fagan Family

Maverick is my sweet boy and I know that he’s going to greet me with a waggy tail and unconditional love each day I get home from work…..regardless of the type of day I’ve had.

Due to a compromised immune system, he suffers from ear & skin conditions (itching, scratching, inflammation, redness, sores) which progress into yeast or staph infections. Regular baths, steroid injections, strong antibiotics and special skin and ear medicine has been a constant remedy.

In Oct. ’05, Maverick wouldn’t take in any fluids or eat food (anyone who knows Maverick is aware of his healthy appetite….the boy never turns down a free meal). After several hours of this along with him not being capable of standing or walking, he was rushed to the vet only to find out that his spleen had ruptured due to a tumor. The vet advised the best thing to do would be to put him to sleep. I just couldn’t bear the thought of not having Maverick in my life.

We got a second opinion and opted to have the surgery. The tumor weighed 5 pounds and Maverick made it through miraculously well. The odds of survival were slim and when the pathology results came back, the tumor was BENIGN!

When I heard about “The Gift” it just made sense to give him only the best available products on the market. His allergy symptoms have decreased and he’s much more playful since he’s been on “The Gift”. I look forward and value each day I have with him. Thanks a bunch for sharing these awesome products with us!

Lisa & Maverick