Joey Villani – “The Dogfather”

Joey Villani – “The Dogfather”

Joey Villani’s life in pet care and grooming began when he was only nine Invited to lend a hand by salon owner and family friend, John Nash, Joey brushed a sheepdog named Cecilia and so began an unbelievable career.

After years as an instructor for Nash’s renowned grooming schools, Joey began to open his own salons. In 1998, he purchased the Nash Academy in New Jersey, which he owned and operated for ten years.

Now a well-known pet industry speaker and judge, Joey has been nominated four times for the Cardinal Crystal Award and twice for a Barkleigh honors for his outstanding achievements, and three times for Grooming Contest Judge of the Year. He has been enthusiastically involved with Intergroom International for 26 years, and has been instrumental in expanding the organization’s reach into Belgium, Italy, and France. He is one of the original members of the International Judges Association and serves as Ring Master and Core Judge.

His outgoing nature and unforgettable charisma have made Joey a natural television personality, with appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Good Day NY, and Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 and Groomer Has it.

Joey has contributed to the development of the Basic grooming standards for PPGSA. A resource created specifically for pet care professionals. The Consortium aims to standardize safety and safety terminology for all students and professionals that become bathers, groomers and stylists, to increase professionalism in the pet care industry, and to provide uniform groomer safety standards.

Joey continues to innovate and explore new dimensions in the pet care and grooming industry. In early 2009, Joey became part of the Animal Radio on-air staff where he is known as “The Dogfather.” He is also the President of Intergroom and The World Dog Expo and is currently the pet grooming ambassador to Conair pet.