Dr. Jenifer Preston

Dr. Jenifer Preston on The Gift For Life®

Dr. Jenifer Preston

I completely endorse The Gift For Life®.  I am using it in my holistic practice to treat a myriad of diseases and finding more uses every week.  So far we have used it in treatment plans for diabetes, Cushings, hypothyroidism, arthritis and many joint problems, muscle atrophy and neurogenic diseases.  We are looking forward to finding more breakthroughs with this product.

In my practice, we do radionics testing and test The Gift For Life® with almost every one of our patients.  We do a heavy duty parasite assessment of patients, and we find this supplement helps support while we detoxify and get rid of serious parasite infections.

We will continue to keep finding uses for this product and miraculously turn around aging or debilitating animals of all species.  We also find that it goes very well with other Natural supplements — whether Chinese, holistic or homeopathic — and only accelerates their success.



Dr. Jenifer Preston graduated from the Ohio State University of Veterinary Medicine and operated a one of the largest, single-doctor clinics in Westerville, Ohio (a suburb of Columbus) with a population of one million.

There she practiced allopathic medicine (mainstream medical use of pharmacologically active agents or physical interventions to treat or suppress symptoms) for 25 years before realizing the vaccinations and drugs she dispensed daily were causing more problem than they solved.

For decades, allopathic medicine has been revered and taught in every veterinary college in the country without exploring alternatives. The biggest subsidizers of veterinary schools across America and Europe are Big pharmaceutical companies and groups.

Dr. Preston realized their goal was not in improving the lives of millions of animals, but in lining their own pockets. She switched to practicing holistic veterinary medicine and has found great success treating her animals through a natural approach.

Dr. Preston now practices holistic veterinary medicine in western Washington State and finds her work to be incredibly rewarding. In dealing with animals all over the country, she specializes in restoring them to optimal health while renewing their vitality and extending their life through alternative, natural medicine.

Dr. Preston prescribes The Gift For Life® to treat diabetes, Cushings, hypothyroidism, arthritis and joint problems, muscle atrophy, neurogenic diseases, and the harmful and life threatening side effects from spaying and neutering. Every day she continues to find more breakthroughs in pet health with The Gift For Life®.